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Notti Osama: A tragic death of Rising Rap Power in 2022

Notti Osama: A tragic death of Rising Rap Power in 2022

Notti Osama: A tragic death of Rising Rap Power in 2022


In the powerful domain of contemporary rap music, arising craftsmen are continually pushing limits and reclassifying the class. Among these rising stars is Notti Osama, a name that has been consistently causing disturbances inside the hip-jump scene. With an unmistakable style, interesting verses, and a perplexing persona, Notti Osama is rapidly gathering consideration and storing up a committed fan base.

The Beginning of a Craftsman

Notti Osama’s excursion into the universe of music started like numerous others: an energy for words, beat, and narrating. Hailing from [Hometown], Notti Osama, whose genuine name is [Real Name], was attracted to the force of music since the beginning. Experiencing childhood in a climate where self-articulation was fundamental, he got comfortable with himself through rap.

Early Impacts

Notti Osama’s melodic impacts are a mosaic of the different sounds and styles he experienced growing up. Specialists like Tupac Shakur, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar helped shape how he might interpret the intensity of lyricism and starting change potential. Drawing from these symbols, Notti Osama fostered a firmly established appreciation for making refrains that rose above simple diversion and dug into social discourse.

The One of a kind Masterfulness of Notti Osama

At the center of Notti Osama’s creativity lies his remarkable way to deal with narrating. His verses are described by striking symbolism, figurative pleasantry, and a crude genuineness that resounds with audience members. Each track he creates is a story material on which he paints accounts of individual battles, cultural issues, and reflection. His capacity to interlace these layers of significance has procured him praise as an interesting scholar.

Social and Social Effect

Notti Osama’s effect stretches out past the domain of music. His verses frequently go up against squeezing social issues, going from imbalance and foundational prejudice to financial abberations and the human experience. His melodies act as a mirror to society, constraining audience members to ponder their general surroundings. This crossing point of workmanship and activism has cemented his place as a pertinent voice in contemporary culture.

Puzzling Persona

One of the most fascinating parts of Notti Osama’s ascent is his baffling persona. Frequently seen wearing a mark veil or embracing enigmatic visuals, he keeps a quality of secret that separates him from the standard. This persona adds to his charm as well as fills in as an image of the secret bits of insight and implicit stories he looks to uncover through his music.

Fast Ascent and Future Possibilities

Notti Osama’s climb in the music business has been fleeting. With the arrival of a few generally welcomed singles and joint efforts, he has figured out how to catch the consideration of the two fans and pundits the same. His internet based presence, described by spellbinding visuals and drawing in happy, has additionally energized his prominence.

Looking forward, Notti Osama’s direction seems promising. His obligation to remaining consistent with his imaginative vision while developing as a performer looks good for his future undertakings. As he keeps on investigating unknown regions inside rap and examination with different melodic components, almost certainly, he will make a permanent imprint on the class.

notti osama death

He was cut to death in a tram station in New York City on July 9, 2022, at 15 years old. The police have not delivered any data about what occurred at the times paving the way to his demise, or what his final words were.

Certain individuals have conjectured that Notti Osama might have expressed something to his aggressor that incited the wounding, yet there is no proof to help this case. It is likewise conceivable that Notti Osama was essentially in a tough spot and was the casualty of an irregular demonstration of viciousness.

Eventually, we might in all likelihood never understand what Notti Osama’s final words were. In any case, his passing is a sign of the risks of weapon savagery and the significance of harmony. He was a young fellow with a brilliant future in front of him, and his demise is a misfortune.

who killed notti osama?

As per the Manhattan Lead prosecutor’s office, Osama and Martinez were “partners of opponent packs.” In a made announcement, MTA New York City travel president Richard Davey said, “We express gratitude toward NYPD investigators, with whom we collaborated, for the quick capture of a suspect.” He added, “That he and the casualty are said to have known one another further highlights this silly nature of this unfortunate occurrence.”

Family’s reaction to Notti Osama’s death

In the interim, Osama’s sibling DD Osama, who is additionally a drill rapper, showed up on the TikTok channel What New York City Sounds Like and talked about his misfortune. ” I was all the while thinking ‘Consider the possibility that I remained.’ In the event that I just remained with him additional time, he would truly be here today. Assuming I was there in the scene, he would be here today.”

“He just became involved with the road life type sh*t. He just so ended up taking a course in a style of music that winds up with workmanship transforming into viciousness. He would’ve taken a course of a pop vocalist or some other style of craftsmanship or music, he would’ve been really effective. Just so happens his style of music that he decided to do wound up responding savagery,” Osama’s cousin Kelvin Ventura said about the rapper.

“His music was simply something he generally needed to do. As far as I can recollect they would engage us, him and his other sibling would engage us at Christmas celebrations, singing and moving and performing. He was a performer, he enjoyed music and moving and engaging was his life.” Lily Ortega, one more cousin of Osama, said, “He was an extremely cheerful youngster. He was extremely cherishing. He adored investing energy with his loved ones. It encourages us since you can perceive individuals truly cherished him for what his identity was.”

Update in regards to the wounding episode

In October 2022, the Manhattan Lead prosecutor’s office affirmed that all charges for the situation had been dropped by them in light of the fact that the examiners couldn’t reject that Martinez had acted with good reason. A representative said that the 15-year-old was shielding himself when he utilized his blade against Osama and since this can’t be denied, the charges were formally dropped. The choice was assumed the premise of witness meetings and video reconnaissance, she continued to affirm

Explained: Notti Osama cutting occurrence

As per reports, Osama and two of his companions were strolling in Hamilton Levels when they spotted Martinez. Osama got a brush and followed the blamed into the metro station. They cornered him and hit him with the brush after which Martinez took out a blade and cut Osama in the mid-region. The police found Osama draining from the stomach, and despite the fact that he was hurried to the emergency clinic, he was articulated dead.

Police tracked down a blade and broomstick at the location of the crime, and the camera film helped the authorities in distinguishing the aggressor. The road battle that swelled into the sad wounding and murder caused a rush of shock and bitterness among individuals as they lamented the existence of a simply starting teen to begin his vocation in rap.

Notti Osama Fan Accolades

After the awful demise of Notti Osama, fans poured their virtual entertainment accounts with accolades and tributes. In addition to that, as a recognition for the departed performer, a candlelight dedication was completed by his fans in Manhattan. During the occasion, one of Osama’s companions shared that Notti genuinely had 1,000,000 dollar grin. Others shared Reyes had what it took to be an effective rapper as he worked constantly to accomplish his objectives. Right from Tiktok to Twitter, web-based entertainment was overflowed with Notti Osama fan accolades for grieve the lamentable misfortune.
With regards to Reyes’ loved ones, they likewise felt free to post genuine sympathies on their web-based entertainment stages.

10 Realities about Notti Osama

Here is a reward rundown of the main 10 obscure realities about Notti Osama, you should be aware.

The recognitions and sympathies just demonstrate that the hopeful rapper’s demise was a gigantic shock for his fans and family. What befell Notti Osama was really appalling, the music business will always grieve the deficiency of the gifted youthful craftsman.


Notti Osama’s rise as a rapper typifies the soul of creative development and social mindfulness. Through his particular style, significant verses, and spellbinding persona, he is introducing another time of rap music that rises above diversion and fills in as a mirror to society. As his process proceeds, Notti Osama’s effect on the class and culture vows to be both persevering and extraordinary.

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